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Meet Our Tour Guides



Tour Guide

Having grown up in Woodstock, Zacharia always showed his passion for street art. He started training with Juma at age 17 and has been giving tours ever since. His knowledge of the murals and their artists can be heard through his energetic personality. Zacharia makes sure all his guests engage with the art from different perspectives and making their own interpretations.


Tour Guide


Shaheed is a family man whose love and kindness is expressed through his knowledge of Woodstock’s culture and street art. Have the opportunity to meet Shaheed on one of our Woodstock tours or through the Malay cooking experience. Shaheed welcomes’ our guests into his home to get their hands dirty and learn to cook and enjoy a traditional Malay lunch or dinner.


Tour Guide


Ryan found his love for art later in his life after growing up around the passionate culture of Woodstock. Throughout his tours, Ryan emphasizes the culture and history alongside viewing the street art. On all of his tours Ryan wants to help his guests find a small family in Woodstock; introducing guests to the community and sometimes even inviting guests into his home.

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